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Iris Shai, Israel

Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology,BGU (Ben-Gurion University), Israel

Adjunct Professor at Harvard University, USA

Honorary Professor at Leipzig University, Germany

•Iris Shai is a Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology in 3 continents in the fields of diabetes (NEJM 2005)  and obesity (NEJM 2011).

•Her focus is performing landmark, long-term, large scale, compressive dietary RCTs in standards of drugs trials :

1.DIRECT: The 2-year effects of Low-carb and MED diets on cardiometabolic risk & plaque regression and 4-year follow-up (NEJM 2008, 2012)

2.CASDCADE : the 2-year effect of moderate wine in type 2 diabetes (Ann Int Med 2015)

3.CENTRAL: The 18-month whole-body MRI trial; dynamic of human specific fat depots & fuel metabolism across dietary strategies (CIRCULATION 2017).

4.DIRECT PLUS:  The 18-month trial, the effect of green Med diet on the gut-fat-brain axis (GUT 2021) & autologous fecal microbiota transplantation (aFMT


Green Diet and Keto Diet