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Xiang Guangda

The General Hospital of Central Theater Command

 Director, professor, Chief Physician, MD, Department of Endocrinology, Central Theater General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. From 2010-2011, in the University of Texas as a postdoctoral visiting scholar. Medical Leading Talents in Hubei Province. Military science and technology top talents. Won the Chinese physician award. Enjoy the special allowance from the government of the State Council. As the Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch Standing Committee, Chinese Medical Association insulin resistance group leader; Leader of the division of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Hubei Medical Association, Honorary leader of Endocrinology of Hubei Medical Association; As the editorial board of Diabetes Metabolism Research and Review, Chinese Journal of Diabetes and China Journal of Diabetes.

  More than 50 SCI papers have been published by the first author and corresponding author in the world famous academic journals such as Science Advances, Nature Metabolism, Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Diabetologia and so on.


Chaiperson in Session 8: Diet and Obesity