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Xiao Haipeng, China

MD, PHd; Executive Vice President, Sun Yat-sen University President; The First Affiliated Hospital, SYSU

Dr. XIAO Haipeng is a Professor of Medicine and Doctoral Supervisor awarded Special Allowance by the State Council, and Member of the Discipline Assessment Group, Academic Degree Commission of the State Council. He is Executive Vice President of Sun Yat-sen University,  President  of  The  First  Affiliated  Hospital,  SYSU  and  Chief  Consultant  of Endocrinology.Dr. Xiao also serves as Vice President, China Endocrine and Metabolism Association, Chinese Medical Doctors Association, and Vice Chairman, Guangdong Medical Association.

Dr.  Xiao  has  led  a  number  of  research  projects  funded  by  National  Natural  Science Foundation and grants of Ministry or Provincial levels.His academic findings have been published in key international journals such as BMJ, Lancet Digital Health, Cell Research, Thyroid, JCEM, Diabetologia, Molecular Therapy, etc.

Honors and Awards

First Prize of Guangzhou Science & Technology Progress Award

Special Award for Achievement in Education in Guangdong

Second Prize of National Achievement in Education Award

Leader of the “Huang Danian” Role-model Teaching Team, Ministry of Education

Honorary Fellowship (first in China), the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)


Chair of Plenary Session 1